Minecraft used to teach children molecular chemistry

Virtual world-building game Minecraft, played by tens of millions of children worldwide, could be used in schools to teach pupils chemistry. A group of Hull University students created an educational version of the game that allows players to explore specially created molecular structures and understand chemistry. The aim is to engage young scientists in a Read More

David Cameron bids to speed up adoption process

Image captionChildren should be placed in loving homes as soon as possible, says Mr Cameron Prime Minister David Cameron wants to increase dramatically the number of children currently in care who move in with their adoptive families before the required legal work is completed. Some 10% of adopted children are already placed with families early, Read More

Snake ‘not guilty of killing Cleopatra’

Image captionElizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. The queen’s life and death have become part of popular legend The story that Cleopatra, ancient queen of Egypt, was killed by a snake bite has been rejected as “impossible” by University of Manchester academics. Egyptologists and snake experts have combined to examine the plausibility of the tale of the Read More