Class 8 is one of the most important years in a student’s life. The very thought of preparing for the exams of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), brings fear in the minds of the students of class 8. However, what the students often forget is that it is just another examination that may be easily cracked, if prepared well. Here are some recommendations to help students prepare efficiently for their ICSE class 8 exam.

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Physics is a branch of Science that deals with the study of matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time, and that studies the related entities of energy and force. The chapter consists of theoretical concepts, different theories, as well as numerical problems. Students who wish to obtain excellent marks in Physics ought to focus on every chapter without fail.


Preparation Tips:

  1. Students are advised to make a separate note of formulae and derivations, along with theories and experiments. Doing so will help them in their regular revision as well as in keeping the concepts fresh in mind. It is also essential to practice numerical problems to understand the problem-solving method entirely.
  2. Students must make sure that they use the best textbook available, preferably by Selina publishers, for reference. The Concise Physics Selina textbook will help them in practising the ICSE Class 8 Physics Selina Solutions, in turn helping them score excellent marks in the examination.
  3. In addition, students should try solving the sample papers and previous year papers once the topics present in the syllabus are covered. These question papers should be answered within the given time frame to increase the speed, accuracy and time management.



Chemistry is one of the most critical and confusing branches of Science. To excel in the subject, absolute dedication, hard work and practice are mandatory. Hence, students should start their preparation right from the beginning of the academic year to score exceptionally well in the upcoming ICSE class 8 exams.


Preparation Tips:

  1. Students should make it a habit to solve questions from that particular chapter present in various sample papers, whenever a section is taught in the class. With this, students will not only be able to manage time effectively but will also get better acquainted with the type of questions that are more likely to be asked in the examination.
  2. Students should prepare a timetable and study as per the schedule without fail. Regularly studying the ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Selina Solutions can help the students in scoring good marks in Chemistry.
  3. Numerical problems in Chemistry should never be ignored. Students should give equal importance to both theoretical concepts and definitions as well as mathematical problems and derivations to score good marks in Chemistry exams.

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