If you are new the world of teaching, you’re likely overwhelmed with all the planning that goes into making the school year a success. One part of this process is making sure your classroom is packed with all the essentials. While the list of all the items you’ll need is sure to be painfully long, there are a few items you will want to grab extras of because you’re sure to need them at some point. Here are four common classroom room items that teachers often run out of before the school year is over.

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  1. Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers are often one of the first items you’ll run out of if you don’t have a large stash hidden somewhere in the classroom. Whether using markers to teach in front of the class or allowing students to use them on individual boards, whiteboard markers are likely an item you’ll use every day. Nothing is worse than reaching for your last marker just to find it is dried out.


  1. Tissues

Between allergies and colds, tissues come in high demand in the classroom and often run out during the cold winter months. While using a lot of tissues is certainly better than students prancing around with running noses or using the back of their hand, you’ll be surprised just how many tissues a classroom full sniffling children can go through in a day.


  1. Pencils

At least once a day you’re likely to have a student who accidentally left their pencil at home or somehow lost their entire stash by the end of the school day. While sometimes a fellow classmate can come to the rescue, you should always have a good supply to give out in case of an emergency.


  1. Glue Sticks

From drying out too fast to being used for gluing hands together, glue sticks never seem to last! Have plenty to restock your stash.