Are you hoping to play a game for fun with your loved ones?  The Texas Heldom poker is best for you. It is also a trial to your capacity and aptitude along with the enjoyment and entertainment. It is fun and is also a test of your skills. Whatever level you play at, there will be something new for learning. Moreover, you also need to keep up the poker face as the chances are that the cards will give you favourable game and position. As it attracts a lot of competition so you need to have a personal approach to deal with the game.

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Main aim

What is Texas Heldom poker? The main aim of this poker game is win the amount by making the best 5 cards combination. The player must know that around the poker table, the game will go on clockwise. If you are the 1st player to make the move, then you must play with fewer hands as you will not come to know what other players will do. If the players raise the stake you will be just out. In the case of no-limit Texas Heldom Poker, the amount can be placed by you and support with strong bet if you have the good cards.

Hands of Poker

In texas heldom poker, you can create the best combination of five cards by holding one card in your hand and four on the table or both cards in your card and three on the table. It is very important to know the hand combinations to play Texas Heldom poker. The player must be familiar with the possibilities of the cards which you can have to win the poker game. They are given as follows:-

  • High card – if there is no combination then the hand will be valued at the single card whichever is the highest. If any two players have the high card which is same then tie would be broken by the 2nd highest card.
  • Straight – when there is running sequence of the five cards whatever is the suit is known as straight. When any two players will have the straight cards, then the higher card wins.
  • Flush – When there will be same cards in the hand, which is called flush. Among the two persons having the same cards, the one wins that will be having the highest card in the suit.
  • 4 of a kind – it is considered the powerful hand as in this the player will have the four cards of the given number. This is called 4 of a kind.
  • Full house – The full house is when the player will have three cards of the same kind and there should also be a pain in the hand.
  • Straight flush – it is made by the 5 consecutive cards which are rare that 4 of a kind are from the suit which is same
  • 1 pair – when you can 2 cards which are same then a pair is formed.