In this highly connected, global communications era, we often forget how much local news brings into our lives. For example, local news Santa Monica outlets bring you vital information about your immediate area. While it’s great to get outside of our immediate surroundings and discover what’s going on in the world, there is nothing like a good local news story to give us the most vital information to us.

Take for example the subject of crime stories. It’s true that international or national crime stories can be fascinating to read about. You’ll learn something about the criminal justice system or about humanity’s inhumanity, but you won’t learn something like you would from a local news story that tells you a convicted killer is on the loose in your immediate area. The first news story is there simply because it’s interesting to a large segment of the world. The second news story can give you details that helps you avoid an encounter with a dangerous criminal.

Local stories also keep you up to date with the people in the community that you might know, and local personals keep you up to date with the people you might one day want to know. There are a variety of reasons to continue reading local newspapers, among them to read things from a perspective that is unique to your region. While global stories are endlessly fascinating, they don’t resonate as closely as stories that happen close to home. And they’re not as good for practical purposes as notices put out in a local newspaper.

While more people have gravitated to global news stories since the popularity of the world wide web, local newspapers still thrive on a daily basis. They’re still sold on newsstands in grocery stores, convenient stores, and on street corner vending machines. And they still have a thriving group of subscribers who have the paper delivered to them on a daily basis. The greatest news of all is that you can enjoy global, national, AND local news all at once thanks to the many news outlets around the world. There’s no such thing as too much news. If you love to know what’s going on in the world around you, a newspaper is the ideal publication to turn to. Subscribe to a local paper today or look for a digital version of your local paper near you.