A recent circular, uploaded by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for schools on its website, explains the technicalities of its previously released circulars. “In the light of the confusion created by some of the schools with regard to the recent circulars issued by the CBSE, it is deemed appropriate to issue this advisory for the larger interest of the stakeholders especially children and parents,” read the circular uploaded on March 16.

Through its last few circulars, the Board had conveyed a set of changes in its assessment scheme for 2018. One of the circulars on March 9, Class 10 students were asked to opt for six subjects instead of five, with the sixth subject being optional. Just a few days after this circular, the CBSE decided to scrap seven of the existing electives along with 34 vocational courses citing the lack of takers for these courses. Over the last few months, students, parents and schools seem to be having a tough time adapting to newer changes that are proposed by the CBSE every now and then. The changes, as per the officials at the Board are a part of the examination reforms that it plans to bring in the academic year 2017-18.

“The CBSE is coming up with new reforms all of a sudden. At this stage, children and schools are clueless. In 2012, the Board started a continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) process allowing the students to not opt for the Boards. Now they have suddenly decided to make the Boards mandatory again. Students are having a tough time adapting to these changes,” said Nisha Ahuja, a parent from Pune.

Ahuja also added that the recent inclusion of a vocational subject is a good initiative but there seems to be no clarity if it would be included in the marks for junior college admissions.

Dipshikha Srivastava, Principal, Rajhans Vidyalay said that schools are waiting for a clarification in this regard. “Lots of new vocational subjects are being introduced by the Board for the upcoming batch. We are still waiting for more details on how they are supposed to be brought into practice,” said Srivastava.

Principals also added that schools were having a tough time in keeping a tab on all the changes. “We have to keep checking the circulars every day, and have to communicate it to the students and the parents without burdening or confusing them,” said the principal of a school in Mumbai on the condition of anonymity.

Parents said that while the children would gradually adjust to the new pattern, what is more worrisome is the scrapping of some of the older reforms.

Circulars issued by CBSE

January 31, 2017: CBSE brought back its compulsory board exam with a new assessment structure

March 9,2017: CBSE announces remodelling of its syllabus and introduces a sixth additional vocational subject

March 9,2017: CBSE scraps 7 electives and 34 subjects that were not doing well

March 15, 2017: CBSE declares that Class 9 marks would no more be mentioned on the Class 10 grade sheet and should only be submitted to the board online

March 16, 2017: CBSE released an advisory to all schools explaining its previous circulars and asking them to avoid any confusion