Several students aspire to compete for IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS exams every year. Most look for renowned institutes, as the competitive exams give a significant turn to the students’ careers.  Choosing a good coaching institute can make or break a student’s life.  It is necessary to research the institute properly to make sure you are choosing the right kind of coaching center.


Here are few important things to consider before selecting your coaching institute.

  1. Check the track record

You may have heard stories about how students have got brilliant results after joining a coaching institute. While choosing your institute make it a point to search for the past records of the coaching center pertaining to how well the past students have performed earlier. Try to shortlist only those institutes which have a larger percentage of students who have topped or done pretty well for the exam you are preparing. Joining such an institute will also brighten your chances of doing well.  Try not going only by the testimonials posted on the website of the institute but also check the record of pass out students or even surf the internet for reviews that are genuine. For instance, if you are looking for Aakash Coaching reviews; then a simple Google search on Aakash Coaching Review will provide you with an evaluation of past students’ experience and results. Additionally, you could even check with a relative or friend who has earlier appeared for a similar exam, to guide you.

  1. Lecturer’s qualifications and experience level

A good teacher can make all the difference to the way you grasp a subject. Since a good teacher can transform an average student into a brilliant one, it is very important to consider the expertise of the faculty at the Institute. You could check before enrolling for a list of the faculty present along with their skills to get an idea of the level of teaching at the coaching center. If possible try finding online lectures of the professors, which will give you a much clearer picture.

  1. Fee structure and expenses

While you are considering your budget, you also want quality education. Be wary of institutes offering huge discounts but not having enough expertise or teaching staff. Check with the institute if payment in installments is possible or if any reduction in fee is possible when payment is made in one go or incase there is a possibility to avail scholarship through an exam. Sometimes you might not want to continue with an institute within few days of joining it; hence it is always better to look for a center which offers some refund options. Online coaching institutes’ fees are more economical compared to others in-house coaching institutes. They also provide high flexibility to the student to be able to choose only those chapters for which they need help.

  1. Check the study material provided

Collect some information about the type of books or information offered at the institutes. You could ask a friend or check with other students who are studying at the Institute. Most good classes will provide education modules and question banks for both solved and unsolved problems. Check if the Institute has customized the study material to suit your particular exam’s requirements. It is better to find out in advance about the quality of modules. The last thing you want is to waste your time studying irrelevant material which is will not be very useful for the examination.

  1. Evaluation of student’s performance

It is important to analyze and evaluate your level of readiness for the exam regularly to help improve the final result. Try to find out the evaluation system of the institute in advance. Ask the Institute the number of times the assessment is done- weekly or monthly or quarterly to ascertain a candidate’s ability. Also, check if any guidance is provided to help improve performance.

  1. Distance and travel time

Finally, the distance and time spent on traveling is also a major factor to consider while choosing your institute. While preparing for the competitive exams, you may also need to attend other classes at school or college. Ensure that the traveling time from your home to the coaching is not too long; else it could hinder you from performing well at school. Also, it can reduce necessary rest time which will eventually affect your overall performance academically as well as for the competitive exam. If you feel travel time can pose a problem, then you could always opt for online coaching institutes which offer high-quality coaching from the comforts of your home. Moreover, huge travel distances can end up being very expensive. Eventually you need to choose wisely while picking your institute.