Translation is an essential tool for effective communication between companies and their far-flung clients. The difference of language among businessmen might hinder them pretty badly; translation plays an important role to solve this issue. Initially, translations were done either through freelance translators or translating agencies, but the advancement of technology triggered machine translators. A lot of things are taken into consideration while converting your source text language into the target text language by a professional translator.

The quality of your translation can be determined by its nature and fluency in the translated language. Quality work makes the reader believe that it’s an original content, and not a translated one. When you opt for machine translation, there’s no guarantee for accuracy.Comparatively, human translations are more accurate than machine translation.

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Human translation vs machine translation

Human translation

Professional translators, such as translate shark retain the original meaning of your content with their years of experience. The same can’t be true with the machine translation. Professional translators take into account the minute details of your content, such as its tone, cultural or contextual reference, specific expression, slang, and much more.

Human translators are often native speakers of the target language;they’re familiar with its specificities, grammar, subtleties, and expressions. Your contents are delivered with appropriate and accurate translation, while preserving its meaning and tone.

Most human translators possess a translation degree; you can choose your translator with a specific area of expertise. Their knowledge in the specified field facilitates the accurate translation of your content. Machine translation might not be able to provide you the exact translation of a specific technical term. If machines translation is unable to obtain the equivalent term they might end up retaining the source text.

Machine translation

They save a lot oftime and money, but it can hit you hard with its inaccuracy. It analyzes the structure of every phrase or term within the source text. This is further broken into elements that can be translated and rephrased to a term in the target language. The quality of its translation is lower than human translation due to the difference of structure in each language; machines don’t take this into account while translating. Machine translation is efficient in translating single words, acting like an online dictionary.

Google translate is a popularly used translation tool, which enables you to translate entire web pages and documents with ease. The auto-detection features figure out which language you’re looking at and translates them easily. Though it’s not the perfect tool, when it comes to complicated sentences and context, Google translate is the best free tool available that is accessible on the web and mobile. It also has an offline feature; you needn’t worry about your mobile data and the need to be connected to Wi-Fi. The audio component enables you to listen to the translated phrases by a native speaking algorithm.

Most of you mightcriticize that Google translation fails with words having multiple meaning depending on the context. The same is evident with most machine translations. WordLens, a brainchild of Quest Visual, is a real-time camera-based translation that translates unfamiliar languages into your native language. Bing Translator on Microsoft Windows is worth mentioning when it comes to machine translations tools.

The final verdict

Machine translation is ideal for content that doesn’t need a perfect translation, but a general understanding of it. Small, non-crucial projects for the internal purpose can be translated with machine translation where accuracy is not a major concern. Human translation will be the most preferred and reliable choice for your more important projects spanning larger audience. It ensures that your project is a high-quality translation and is likely to be perfectly understood by your target audience.Translate shark is one among the chosen human translators, who ensure that all your translations are tailor-made by accomplished translators.