The Sole SB900 is one of the most popular spin bikes available in the market. The spin bike is highly suitable if you want one for some light commercial use or for your home workout.The bike is able to deliver a powerful performance which you would like to have from a spin bike to be used massively at home. The bikes house some nice features making it an option for intense workouts also. The exercise bike is fully adjustable and includes dual SPD pedals, a slightly heavy flywheel, different levels of magnetic resistance, a monitor console and a belt-drive.

This spin bike is lightweight and can be easily moved around to create space for it. The seats are comfortable to ride upon and the handlebars are adjustable according to rider’s demands. The steel frame of the bike is quiet sturdy however due to being lightweight, it can be little unstable on high intensity workouts.

Features and functionalities of the Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike

The sole fitness SB900 is highly popular small, compact sized exercise bike which is ideal for use at homes. The spin bike includes all the necessary features you would want out of your bike including:

  • The SB900 helps a lot to replicate the feel of riding an outdoor bike. The machine is really lightweight at 48 pounds made out of steel with chrome plated.
  • The spin bike has a dual frame as it is made out of steel and then covered with aluminum making it almost impossible to break.
  • The spin bike includes a knob to switch bike resistance levels rather than digital.
  • The seat and handlebars are adjustable and you can set them up and down according to your needs.
  • The SB900 is fitted with dual pedals as both SPD and standard pedals are included. Also, you get toe cages and straps with the pedals.
  • The machine is fitted with a very simple computer operated console that helps to provide you with all the basic information regarding your workout.
  • The wireless heart rate monitor is an added bonus as it doesn’t include straps to tie yourself too and is pretty accurate too
  • Unlike most spin bikes, the SB900 doesn’t include a power cord. It helps to eliminate electricity cost.
  • The spin bike is small, compact but can still hold a user with a weight of up to 300 pounds.

Sole Fitness SB900 Exercise Bike Review

The Sole Fitness SB900 is the perfect small sized exercise bike you can buy from the market today. The machine includes all the features which you would normally expect out of your spin bike. The bike is constructed out of steel and the frame is made out of dual layer protection. The spin bike is also fitted with a very simple computer console to help you rack your progress and manage your workout routine. The wireless heart monitor is also an added bonus as you don’t have to worry about straps or wires while working out. Also the heart monitor is highly accurate.

The Good

The SB900 is a very compact bike perfect for your home usage. It is highly durable and with a sturdy design, the bike will last a long time.  The spin bike helps you to maintain your workout intensity with the help of different magnetic resistance levels. Also, the exercise bike comes with dual pedals – standard and SPD ones with toe cages and bootable straps for added safety. The machine also has a heavy flywheel which makes sure the bike is highly stable during intense workouts also.

The Bad

The only drawback of the spin bike which will really affect you is the absence of preset workout routines. You will have to create your workout manually every time you ride the bike. Also, the resistance levels are changed using a knob rather than digitally. Hence, you won’t be ever able to accurately know which level you are riding your bike on.

Final Verdict

The SB900 from Sole fitness is power packed with a number of features but these do come at a high price. The workout session will be stable due to the heavy flywheel and is highly recommended to those people who really want to do those highly intense cardio workouts every day.