SURATHKAL: Student community of NIT-K, Surathkal will get to listen to accomplished and stimulating minds during EngiTalks, one of the flagship events of Engineer – the college fest of the premier technical institution, on October 10.

Engineer is celebrated as one of the largest tech fest in the country, offering innumerable opportunities for students from schools and colleges across the nation to learn and grow. The talks which will be held throughout the day will host a plethora of speakers from varied backgrounds, each with an inspiring take to tell, covering different fields, from start – ups to life – changing events. Each of our speakers is highly proficient in their fields, distinguishing themselves from others with their unique talents, said organizers.

This year, EngiTalks will provide a platform for people to hear motivational speeches of Brigadier OP Yadav, a Kargil War hero who will regale a rousing tale of leadership, dedication and sacrifice through his speech ‘How the Kargil War was won.’ He was the Chief Logistics Officer in the Batalik sector during the Kargil War and was honoured with the Sena Medal by the President of India for his exceptional courage, inspiring generations to come; Rahm Shastry, CEO of DriveU, an innovative startup which is one of a kind in India, will be illuminating the audience on the subject of ‘Indian vs Foreign start – ups’.

Another speaker who is Alumni of NIT-K and has years of experience as the Administrator of Electronics Device Automation (EDA) Companies and skills in the fields of entrepreneurship and management, will share his experiences; Deepak Shetty with his words on ‘Connecting the Dots’, will show how one can establish acclaimed brands in the market. With over 26 years of experience with strong leadership and communication skills, his expertise in managing, marketing and sales is unparalleled. He is the CMO of Moser Baer India Limited and liaisons with Government Ministries for environmental management.

With her inspiring speech on ‘How WordsWorth Project changed many lives’, Varsha Varghese, Co – founder of the WordsWorth Project, a New Delhi based NGO established in October 2014 which aims to improve linguistic comprehension and learning among children aims to elaborate about the project and encourage young minds to take an initiative to make a difference.

Sunil M S, recognized for his most acclaimed feat when he saved 3 billion litres of water in a city and reduced carbon emissions by 6 lakh kilograms, endorses the values that must be inculcated in every engineer : to create a sustainable environment. As CEO of Hinren Technologies Private Limited, he tirelessly promotes and popularises alternate energy and rainwater harvesting in a cost effective manner and will elucidate his vision through ‘Sustainable Engineering Mission’.

Other speakers are King Siddharth, a TEDx speaker, has experience giving motivational speeches on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Design. This year, he will express his views on ‘Life and It’s Options.’

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